Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mentoring Other Women

Over the course of almost 14 years in business I have mentored hundreds of women worldwide in the setting up of their businesses and balancing business with family.

It hasn't been lost on me that everything I've learnt, struggled with and conquered have been part of the process that God has wanted me to use to help others. It also wasn't lost on me that having a family of 5 daughters put me in an excellent role model position for other mothers worldwide. I have to smile when I get a mother of 1 or 2 ring or email me saying she wants to run a business but doesn't think she can because she's got a child or children. I always respond 'that's ok, I've got 5 and it's not stopped me!'

My recently published book "Worth More Than Rubies: The Value of a Work At Home Mum" gives a sneak peak into my life as a wife, mother and business woman, while looking at that age old model 'The Proverbs 31 Woman'.

It is important for each woman to recognise that as she grows older there is much she has learnt that she can share with others around her - daughters, neices, grandchildren, children of friends, acquaintances, anyone who is younger than her, or perhaps even someone of the same age or older who hasn't had the same experiences.

In the New Testament we are often taught by both Jesus and Paul about mentoring and discipling others, and guiding them in their lives. This is also something that is charged to the Titus 2 woman. We are told to be reverent in the way we live and to urge the younger women to follow our paths. Interesting word 'reverent' and I think it's one that means more to you as you grow older - hopefully gracefully.

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