Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sisters and Daughters

I recently attended the Every Woman Conference at Oxford Falls (Sydney), Australia. Their focus was very much on mothers, daughters and sisters, and how we minister to one another. The women they had teaching us and leading us in prayer, praise and worship were wonderful examples of how we can reach out to one another and share and encourage based on our own personal experiences.

Lisa Bevere was a wonderful encourager who truly does implant courage into others through her teaching, examples and stories. She speaks forcefully and gets her point across very clearly. The crowd loved her and I can see why she is so popular.

Lisa told us how 'mommas need to know the daughters' and that we need to train our daughters. She told us that daughters are born to ask questions (why?) and that grandmothers have learned the answers and can, therefore, give perspective. Women are created to nurture.

This is a wonderful explanation I feel of what a Titus 2 woman is and can be. I am a daughter and a mother. I'm yet to become a grandmother, but I do strongly feel that the lessons I've been learning over the past few years will equip me to give perspective as it's needed.

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