Friday, February 26, 2010

Survey Part I

I'm collating material now for my new book and I invite you to participate in a survey I've created.

This is 1 of around 3 surveys I will be running in order to get an idea of who has been mentored and why, who hasn't and why, the benefits, the challenges, what's worked and what hasn't.

A later survey will include information relating to Scripture and mentoring inside the church. However this does not mean you need to participate in all 3 surveys, just what is relevant to you and your own personal situation.

I invite you to participate in Part 1 and I thank you for your time.

Click here to take survey


Sharon said...

Hi Kathie, do you still need the survey answered?

Mark Whittington said...

Hi, T2W! Bbyrd009 here, miss you guys!
is me; a pretty decent forum so far. Missing you, Amanah, and Timmy lots! Could you pass my link around? And I would be happy to complete your surveys, if being male doesn't DQ me! Peace to you!

bbyrd009 said...

Ok, a retry:
Hi, T2W, bbyrd009 here. Didn't know you were Aussie! Missing you, Amanah, and Timmy (!) lots. I'm @
and it's a pretty decent forum, I gotta say--there were NO "Zimmerman" threads until like yesterday! Anyway, could you pass the link to anyone who might be interested? Ty--and again for intro'ing me to WWOOF; we have just applied as a host! (Flintopia)
I'd be happy to take your survey if it would still be relevant--I looked for a mentor for like 20 years, to no avail. Peace to you.

bbyrd009 said...

Ah, I am sorry, prolly the wrong T2W...I would still do your survey if you like bbyrd009

Kathie Thomas said...

Yes, happy for the survey to still be filled out @Sharon.

Thanks @bbyrd009 - will go check out the forum and hope it's still there. Yes, definitely an Aussie :-)